Introduction to Data Science: A Guide For Beginners

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Introduction to Data Science: A Guide For Beginners

Data Science is among the hottest jobs of the 21st century. Every company out there is looking for data scientists. Data Science is a multidisciplinary field that uses various tools and techniques to collect & organize raw, structured, or unstructured data. That data is eventually used for decision making and numerous other purposes. 

In short, Data Science is all about:

  • Collecting and analyzing raw data.
  • Modeling the data using various algorithms.
  • Visualizing the data to get a better perspective.
  • Understanding the data to make better decisions.


Let’s suppose, you want to pursue an MBA. Now, you need to make some decisions like, What are the best MBA colleges in the country, What are their fee structures, what is the admission procedure, and finally their cut-offs and entrance exams. 

All these decision factors will act as input data, and after you analyze all these things, you’ll be able to decide the best college for yourself. This analysis of data is called data analysis, which is a vital part of data science.

Why Data Science?

Data Science helps an organization to make better decisions, find gaps and opportunities, find a target audience, and even in recruiting the right talent. On top of it, as everything is backed by data it even helps to reduce business risk. 

Data Science even helps you to predict your customer’s next steps on the basis of historical trends such as his/her browsing history, engagement, & demographics. 

Check out this Liverpool Case study for better understanding:

Who Is A Data Scientist?

To put it in simple words, A Data scientist is an expert who practices Data Science. They utilize their technical and non-technical skills to collect, segregate, and structure and visualize the data. So, management can make sound decisions. 

Data scientists crack complex data problems with their strong expertise and various methodologies and algorithms.

Prerequisites To Become A Data Scientist. 

To become a data scientist you must have good communication and analytical skills. Data Scientists work with several subject matters such as mathematics, statistics, computer science, and programming languages. And as for the skills, you should have in-depth knowledge of:

  1. Machine learning.
  2. Mathematical modeling.
  3. Statistics.
  4. Computer programming.
  5. Databases.

Data Science Jobs:

As the data consumption is increasing day by day the demand for data scientists is skyrocketing the market. According to various job portals, the demand for data scientists is on a continuous rise. There are numerous opportunities in the field of Data Science. Some of the main job roles that you can get into after leaning data science are given below:

  1. Data Scientist
  2. Data Analyst
  3. Machine learning expert
  4. Data engineer
  5. Data Architect
  6. Data Administrator
  7. Business Analyst
  8. Business Intelligence Manager

How to Become a Data Scientist?

Even if you have never written code, you can still start your career as a data analyst in the field of data science. You should have a bachelor’s degree in data science or a certified course to become a Data Scientist. If you have Mathematics and Statistics as a subject background then it increases your chances of being successful in this field. 

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