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KNN Algorithm Using R 765

The huge amount of data that we’re generating each day , has led to an increase of the need for advanced Machine Learning Algorithms.It is quite essential to know Machine Learning basics. Here’s a fast introductory section on what’s Machine Learning and its types. Machine learning could also be a subset of AI that provides […]

Data Science Simple Linear Regression

Concept of Simple Linear Regression

Simple linear regression is used to estimate the relationship between two variables, where the variables are continuous in nature.  so it used to define relation between single input variable and single output variable and also defines how this relation can be presented by straight line. Below plot shows the graphical relation between two continuous variable. This scatter shows […]

Data Science data science course

What qualifications you should have to go to a data science course?

Introduction Data Science is one of the fastest-growing industries that is taking the world by storm. Many professionals in the IT industry are actively changing the course of their careers to become a Data Scientist. However, becoming a Data Scientist is not that easy though. Yes, you do need a knack of playing with numbers […]

Data Science


Definition: Data Analysis is the process that involves the collection, transformation, and cleaning. It also deals with the modeling of data with the objective of discovering and identifying the required information. The results obtained henceforth are then communicated with suggestions for conclusions to support decision-making. At certain times, the visualization of data is used for […]

Data Analytics Data Science

Data Analytics, Types and its Advantages

The use of software and specialized system to examine data in order to draw conclusions about it in various aspects is called Data Analytics. Data Analytics is widely used by commercial companies nowadays. It helps the organizations to run the administration more efficiently. It also helps them to make a more appropriate business-related decision. It […]

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